Cat’s composition and performance practices engage elements of low frequency sound, drone, noise, graphic notation and improvisation. Her works have been performed at festivals internationally and broadcast on Australian, German, Italian, French and Austrian radio. She has been a songwriter with some 6 albums to her credit, playing in pop bands in Germany, Italy and Australia in the 1990s. She creates sound for art installation and film - working with Kate McMillian, Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari, Tracey Moffat and Perun Bonser.

Each piece listed below includes a link to a video of the score, a recording and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that points to repository of all materials relating to the piece, including the ‘score file’ required to perform the work.

dense yet airy, seemingly endless streams of sound ...exquisite listening pleasure of fleeting descending sound streams
— Gerardo Scheige, Neue Zeitschrift for Musik, 2018.
The Dark Hip Falls

The Dark Hip Falls

Solo (or with electronics)

Their Lives are Stripped of Meaning

Their Lives are Stripped of Meaning



Majority of One

Majority of One

Small Ensemble

Wolf at Harp

Wolf at Harp


her pockets are full of inertia

her pockets are full of inertia


  • Pulupe Strings. Sweet Tribology, Paris, France. For LP playback. (2015)

  • Feather (co-composed with Stuart James). Commissioned by the Totally Huge New Music Festival. For spatial speaker arrangement. (2015)

  • Languid Sigh. As part of the Transmuted signal project, for Kunst radio, Austria. Stereo playback. (2013)


  • Dark Water 15 min. Dir. Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari. Linden Gallery, Adelaide Festival (2019)

  • Blight 13 min. Dir. Peron Bonser, St Kilda Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival. (2017)

  • Cetaphobia 12 min. Dir. Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari. Revelation Film Festival, Paris Short Film Festival, 2015 Horror Hotel Award. (2015) [DOI: 10.26180/5c5d96f3124a8][film]

  • Art Calls series Dir. Tracey Moffatt. GOMA, Brisbane, Perth International Art Festival, PICA, Perth and ABC Arts Online. (2014)

  • Paradise Falls I and II, Paradise Falls, Dir. Kate McMillan. Venn Gallery, Perth, WA. (2012)

  • The Making of The Moment of Disappearance. Dir. Cat Hope. Haynes St Studios. London. (2014)


  • Kaps Freed on Travelling Pianos, CD, performed by Gabriella Smart, ezz-thetics 1012 (2019)

  • Dark Hip Falls performed by Monash Art Ensemble, CD FMR (2019)

  • The Earth Defeats Me and Last Days of Reality on Last Days of Reality, CD, performed by Decibel Room 40, RM4102. (2018). Read a review.

  • Tone Being on Music For Percussion and Electronics, CD, performed by Louise Devenish. Tall Poppies TP428 (2017)

  • Decibel The Complete John Cage Variations. Mode: New York. CD upcoming. (2018)

  • Ephemeral Rivers. hat[now]ART 200: Switzerland. CD. (2017). Read a review.

  • The Lowest Drawer, Decibel, on Tuned Darker, LP, Listen|Hear: Perth LP. (2015)

  • Decibel, Still and Moving Lines- The Music of Alvin Lucier, Pogus:New York. CD. (2013)

  • Platinum Fox, on Luminosity: Musical Treasures from UWA. University of WA (AUS). CD. (2013)

  • Longing on Decibel, Stasis Ecstatic. Heartless Robot Productions, LP. (2014)

  • Candied Limbs, Sub Project 54, with Lindsay Vickery. Tura Records, CD. (2013)

  • In The Cut, Kuklinski’s Dream on Decibel, Disintegration: MutatioN. HellosQare Records, CD. (2010)

  • Abe Sada, Redux, Heartless Robot LP. (2009)

  • Abe Sada, The Low Chord, Kabutsuri Tape International, CD. (2009)

  • Abe Sada, Tatare Steppe, VLZ Produkt, CD. (2008)

  • Abe Sada, Subzilla, Bloodstar, (Aus), CD. (2007)

  • Gata Negra, Ruby, Bloodstar (Aus), LP. (2007)

  • Lux Mammoth, New Gauge Sinner, Pre Feed label (Italy), CD. (2007)

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