October 2019

Creating a new work for Chicks on Speed and their performance on October 19 as part of the Liveworks Festival at Carriageworks, in Sydney. ALso working on a new piece, Black Vulture, for French Ensemble IRE, featuring Kasper Toeplitz, Frank Vigroux and Helene Breschard. The new choral/cello peice, Submerged in the Greater Will will be premiered at the Robert Blackwood Hall on October 19 as part of the Talk Show program.

Bone Shaker, an ad hoc bass and spoken word duo with film academic Leon Marvell performed at the launch of the New Brutalism issue of Art + Australia at the end of last month. Super Luminum are preparing for their tour of Europe, including shows as part of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Curva MInore (Italy), Teatro Coppolla (Italy) and Bruits Blancs (France).

A new article on PhD and industry partnerships has been published on NiTRO. A conference presentation on my opera Speechless, and on the Summers Night project was made at the SoundGenderFeminismActivism conference at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan. A new article about the opera, entitled ‘Identity and the Abstract Self in Cat Hope’s ‘Speechless’ by Kate Milligan, was published in Tempo about the opera this month. More exciting publications in the upcoming months!