July 2019 Update

Composition and performance
July begins with the opening of sound art installation Sub Decorative Sequences at Linden New Art Gallery that you can read about the development here. There are performances and speaking events associated with this show listed here.

On July 4 and 5, Cat will be supporting Japanese noise artist Merzbow at Substation. Cat will be performing with Decibel at both the Gender Diversity in Music and Art (Perth) and TENOR conferences (Melbourne) this month. The Perth concert - 7pm Thursday 18th of July at UWA's Callaway Auditorium (tickets here) features all women commissioned from Decibel in Western Australia, plus a new work by Kate Milligan. The TENOR concert - 5.30pm on the 25th July at the Monash Music Auditorium - is a free program of international composers working with Animated Notation.

After TENOR, Cat will be working with Clocked Out on a program to be presented at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music on August 2nd, to be followed by a performance at Lagavulin, at the Piano Mill, near Stanthorpe, Queensland.

Public Speaking
Cat will be presenting a paper on her opera Speechless at the Gender Diversity in Music and Art
. She is also a keynote speaker at RevCon, the academic conference component of the Revelation Film Festival in Perth during July. Her keynote will focus on the music she has created for the films by Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari, Cetaphobia and Dark Water.

Cat will also has a piece featured in Lens, the Monash magazine looking at research innovation, where Cat talks about animated notation. This comes off the back of Cat's convening of the International Technologies of Music Notation and Representation Conference held at Monash during July.

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