Make for Change: Challenging gender issues in electronic music

Published in Listen, 6 December, 2015

An edited version of the Keynote given at the Australasian Computer Music Conference, UTS, November 19, 2015.

Now I was worried about sharing the topic of this keynote on the internet. Who wants to come to a computer music conference and listen to a white middle-class, middle-aged woman from boom town Western Australia whine about how women are not well represented and its all the fault of the men – to an undoubtedly male dominated audience?

What I will discuss is the current state of play in regards to gender in electronic music from my own perspective, some initiatives that support women in electronic music, and ways we can all be more inclusive in the field – and not just in regards to gender. There are some pretty damming statistics that for a country that prides itself on being inclusive and egalitarian shows we aren’t doing very well....

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