The End of 2018

A few things bring 2018 to a close.

A wonderful live recording by Sylvia Hinz of 'Wanderlust', for grand bass recorder and a recording of the musician walking, which you can listen to here.

An article about Hope's music in the wonderful new music magazine Tempo, 'Representations of Decay in the works of Cat Hope', written by long term collaborators Stuart James and Lindsay Vickery.

The first release of music by Super Luminum - a collaboration between Hope and Lisa MacKinney - with excerpts of their live performance at Howler.

More reviews of the Decibel album 'The Last Days of Reality’ out on Room 40, featuring music by Hope and Lionel Marchetti. One on NiteStylz , another on Toneshift – who gave it five out of five stars and called it "A Masterpeice". It also made it onto Nicola Orlandino's "Best Artworks of 2018" list and radio playlists across the world. More on the album here.

A recent performance of 'Their Lives Are Stripped of Meaning' took place at the Australasian Computer Music Conference in Perth, by Tonelist members Annika Moses (voice) and Dan O'Connor (trumpet).

January will see more work on Trigger Warning in Perth, with Sally Richardson and Hayley Macelhinney.

Cat will also be one of the tutors in the upcoming Tilde Composers Academy, and feature on the Make It Up Club "Twenty First Birthday Celebrations" bill, performing on the 22nd of January.

I am also proud to announce another performance of the Eliane Radigue composition, OCCAM XXIV, for flutes in Adelaide, Australia in March next year. The program will also include another Radigue composition performed by bassist Kasper Toeplitz. More soon.

And a special thank you to Nat Grant, who has been helping me throughout the year.